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Make time for this, make time for that. Manage your time better. Do you ever feel, though, that you don’t manage time, it manages you? You’re right; time’s playing you! Sometimes, it makes you think you’re in charge, but you’re not. Time is fixed; an hour is an hour, and we don’t have more than 24 of them in a day, no matter how well we “manage” it. When we think about time, we’re thinking about something over which we have no control. Why not turn our attention to something that we can control – ourselves. When we manage our energy, we can put time in its place and open ourselves to enhanced performance and happiness.


LII’s Energy for Performance Program is based on the research of Jim Loehr, who writes: “We grow the aspects of our lives that we feed – with energy and engagement – and choke off those we deprive of fuel. Your life is what you agree to attend to.”

We are so busy, but are we doing anything that fulfills us? And if we are doing, are we really engaging? If we can discover – or rediscover – what is important to us, what matters, we can harness our energy to engage with those activities, whether we are at work or at home. What life have we agreed to – and is it the one we want?


Loehr writes that the problem with most approaches to high performance… “is that they deal with people only from the neck up, connecting high performance primarily with cognitive capacity.” But what about emotional wellness? What about physical energy and health? And what about our values and spirit? “A successful approach to sustained high performance…must pull together all of these elements and consider the person as a whole.”

How does this program help you address your energy at all of these levels?

  • Through various assessment tools, you will identify your strengths and challenges.
  • Team profiles can help promote higher levels of engagement and collaboration.
  • You will receive positive, motivating feedback on your energy management.
  • Through examining the stories we tell ourselves, we can determine what really matters in our life and work.
  • You will learn a 3-step change process to help you achieve full engagement, from the physical to the value level.
  • You will practice energy management in each of these four areas, learning how to engage positively.


Workloads have increased; demands on your time and energy have increased; budgets have decreased; time for fun and relaxation has decreased. There are tremendous pressures on those navigating the workforce today. Learning to manage your energy is essential in helping you make performance a conscious choice, meet objectives, engage your team. Consider yourself as a whole being, with physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs, and start fully engaging with the things that matter.

Lynn Bennett

Lynn Bennett is a certified management and executive coach and founder of Leadership Intelligence and its Community. She brings both expertise and an engaging approach to strategic planning, organizational development and change management. [email protected]

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